I brought to you this theme on "Materialism" as it is a subject of varied forms which will become one of the dominant impulses in the 21st Century, not just as being materialistic but as in materialization- as the world gets more networked, open, globalised and democratic with the coming of the internet era that every individual manifest themselves in materiality.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Confront badness
What is your intention to show people your qualities as a Righteous Leader? So people will put you up on pictures and posters together with other past leaders? What real contributions have you made to put your country's name and its people to be recognised and respected around the world? What internationally known monumental landmarks or structures have you built that will be remembered by people? What you do is just to keep a low profile, keeping to yourself to concentrate on your national programmes? What all your ministerial leaders doing are sucking-up to you, only vying their eyes to take over your post at the next election? What they are doing now, is making themselves more powerful and very rich with support gained from corruptions by abusing their authorities? What they organise are every functions, parades and processions with food, shows, music and dancing? What they want to become is a copy version of the sex city Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? What you see are men and women mixing freely to enjoy the festivities? What is extreme enjoyment involving men and women is only SEX? What you see as scantily clad now is only the Dayaks? What the fashion designers look is the opportunity to sell their see-through or wear-a-little costumes? What a Muslim majority peninsular-shaped country in South-east Asia wants to be, the example for the Muslim world?????
What a joke all of them become, clowning around at the Musabaqah Alquran showing stupid, silly monkey faces on national TV signalling to family, relatives and friends like,
"Hey, I am here", "I dedicate this to my love ones"?????

What is REAL? That EVIL IS BAD AND DIRTY, thrown out from HEAVEN to a dirty world for COMPARING to another creation, for ARGUING when it is only a creation and for BARGAINING to do more BAD DEEDS to make themselves deservingly punished severely for eternity.What more Stupid, Bloody, Idiot you want to be, like them?????

What you have to do is constantly confront bad with goodness by yourself for the rest of your life.What you make your ownself clean, your own places clean, every places you go are clean and NOT pay other people to clean up for you.What you call JIHAD is NEVER MAKE WAR to another community or blow yourselve up and everything else to prove that you worth nothing but CHANGE YOUR BAD, DIRTY, STUPID, BLOODY, IDIOT ways to GOODNESS!

OR you will always dread to hear the Addam Family tune for the rest of your lives!
-"dadada dum...dadada dum...dadada dum...dadada dum"